What Is the Alt-Right

Trump and alt-right mascot Pepe the Frog kissing.

This week, Donald J. Trump named Steve Bannon as White House Chief Strategist, to the condemnation of many groups.

Bannon, Executive Chairman of the antisemitic site Breitbart.com, was most known as giving the “alt-right” a platform and turning it into the fourth most commented website in the world.

Under Bannon, Breitbart.com published controversial articles like:

The term “alt-right”, or Alternative Right, was not created by Hillary Clinton, as Trump once suggested, but was coined in 2008 by Richard Bertrand Spencer, who heads the white nationalist think tank known as the National Policy Institute, to describe a loose set of far-right ideals centered on “white identity” and “the preservation of Western civilization.”

The alt-right movement is associated with white nationalism, white supremacism, antisemitism, right-wing populism, nativism, and the neoreactionary movement and wholeheartedly embrace the overt racism, misogyny, neo-Nazi affectations, bullying and trolling of chan culture as a lifestyle.

While many of the values of Trump and the alt-right overlap (such as mass deportations of immigrants, preventing Muslims and refugees from entering the country) the alt-right does not consider Trump or Bannon to be members, only “useful to them.”

Many people were unaware of the alt-right movement before the 2016 election and still do not understand it. So we wanted to help you educate your friends by sharing a video made by one of its leading members, Jared Taylor, explaining exactly what the alt-right is.

In the video Taylor attempts to distance himself from Bannon, saying he never publicly supported the alt-right. However this claim ignores Bannon enthusiastically declaring “We’re the platform for the alt-right,” encouraging Breitbart to be the go-to-place for the movement, and even going so far to publish a guide to make alt-right appear more palatable to conservatives.

WARNING: This video is not safe for work and contains offensive and ignorant statements with claims not backed by any scientific consensus.


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