The 2016 Election Results

Hello friends who cast their votes for Donald J. Trump.

I want you to know first congratulations. For whatever your reasons, from fear of ISIS, concerns about jobs, or just wanting to stick it to the system, you got the candidate you wanted.

But in order to deliver this message it also came attached with a lot of ugliness. From racism, sexism, approval of violence against those who disagree with you, conspiracy theory, white supremacy, curtailing the Constitution, and a complete disregard for empirical evidence. (Trust me, I read all of his policies and have over 600 examples on Stop The Donald Trump to back me up.)

And for some, I see you actually support these things, and others had to find ways to excuse them in order to cast your vote, but frankly I don’t know which is worse. And that is horrible.

I’ll continue Stop The Donald Trump twice as hard now, I’ll still continue to catalog his hate and ignorance. And I still want this to be a safe place for you to join in on the conversation, because it is blindly obvious where you get your information from is a farce which lead you into believing to fear so much while providing so little evidence.

But you got the candidate you wanted. With a laundry list of impossible campaign promises to fill, let’s see how well this goes for you.

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