Fox News Falsey Claims Obama Comitted an Election Felony

Fox News creates an alternative reality for their viewers by ignoring key facts, withholding context, and making stuff up.

Fox’s latest excuse for Trump’s multiple felonies is falsely claiming Obama did it too by suggesting Obama hid $2 million dollars during the 2008 campaign, and that is much worse than only the $300,000 dollar payments Michael Cohen hid to pay off Trump’s mistresses.

One problem… Obama never hid payments. Fox News is lying to their viewers.

An FEC audit concluded in 2012 found that out of the billion dollars of donations to the Obama 2008 campaign, the Obama team failed to give the *names*, not the money, of some of the donors totaling $1.8 million dollars within the required 48 hour time limit.


Those donor names were simply late, no one controversial was on that list, and while the FEC found it to be nothing more than an infraction, it still levied the largest campaign fine ever against Obama and the DNC.

Compare this with Donald Trump directing his “fixer” Michael Cohen to create fake shell companies to hide illegal hush money payments just days before the 2016 election to avoid a negative impact on his campaign for president.

Trump’s own Department of Justice considers this a felony.

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