Donald Trump and Fox News Are To Blame for Mass Shootings

I’d like to point something out about this weekend’s tragic and horrible mass shootings.

NBC and the New York Times reported law enforcement has the El Paso shooter’s manifesto that he posted online a few short minutes before the attacks, which was described as “wildly anti-immigrant” and three pages filled with hatred against immigrants, viewed Hispanics as invaders to Texas and the rest of the United States, and include concepts that the United States is full and white Americans are being replaced by Mexican immigrants.

Where have we heard this before? Let’s break down each point.


Trump’s entire platform of “America First” was a pushback on both legal and illegal immigration, and I have cataloged 230 examples of the anti-immigration policies and rhetoric of Trump and his administration. Such as a Muslim ban, refusing refugees, calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, and labeling Hispanic and African countries as shitholes.

Some highlights include Donald Trump telling four women of color, one of them a refugee, to “go back to the crime infested countries they came from.

Two days prior, Fox News host Tucker Carlson put on a show where he targeted that same refugee woman of color to “go back to her own country.”

Here is Tucker Carlson in September 2018 arguing “How precisely is diversity our strength?” And then going on to make a point commonly used by ethonationalists that diversity leads to tension and a lack of cohesion.


Donald Trump has run around 2,200 Facebook ads since May 2018 mentioning the word “invasion” referring to immigrants.

Here is Fox News host Laura Ingraham on her podcast in March clearly calling immigrants, specifically Hispanic children seeking legal asylum, are “invaders” and she even pointed out criticism of her using white nationalist language and continued on using the term again.

Here is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in May claiming Hispanics are “plundering our wealth” and America had become a “piñata.”

Here is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in December 2018 telling his viewers immigration is making the United States “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”

Here is Fox News host Laura Ingraham calling Hispanic immigrants “an invading horde.

Here is Donald Trump claiming without evidence gang members are mixed in with a “migrant caravan” who are part of an “an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”

Here is Fox and Friends and author Michelle Malkin fear-mongering in agreement a “migrant caravan” is “a full scale invasion.

Here is Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade in a discussion that the immigrant “invasion” is full of “diseased.”

Here is Laura Ingraham in June 2018 calling immigrants a “slow-rolling invasion of the United States”


Here is Fox News host Tucker Carlson promoting “The Great Replacement” theory on a show a few weeks ago in July 2019, warning his viewers that countries should not import “a replacement population from the Third World” and instead work to increase their own birthrates.

Here is Fox News host Laura Ingraham falsely claiming Democrats are for open borders and going on to say it’s because they want to “swap out the current American population, with a new population,” one that puts “Spanish on par with English.

Here is Fox News host Laura Ingraham telling her viewers “the America you knew doesn’t exist anymore” because of “demographic change you didn’t vote for.

Here is Lou Dobbs in October 2018 with Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell claiming Jews are funding a “migrant caravan” to change the racial makeup of America.


Here is Jared Taylor, one of the most deplorable white supremacists in America today, during a 2011 interview making his case that diversity is a weakness for America, especially “whites,” and is “the source of tension and conflict, all around the world wherever you look.”

Wait! Where have we heard that before?

Above in the list this is the exact same language used by Tucker Carlson on Fox News in September 2018.

Take an academic eye and watch Jared Taylor’s interview. Every point he makes in 2011 is being promoted by Fox News and Donald Trump today. If you closed your eyes and were asked what show you were watching, if you said Tucker, The Ingraham Angle, or Lou Dobbs I wouldn’t blame you.

There is a pipeline that goes directly from neo-Nazis, to Fox News, to the lips of the President of the United States of America.

Take for example, white supremacy sites like Stormfront were pushing a conspiracy theory of “white genocide” among farmers specifically in the country of South Africa, where farmers were being murdered or having their lands seized.

Despite a BBC investigation that found while attacks have been commonplace for some years, murder rates among South African farmers had actually decreased and no mass seizures occurring, Tucker Carlson was promoting this exact same South African white genocide conspiracy theory on his show a few weeks later. A few weeks later.

This idea of white genocide enraged Donald Trump so much, he tweeted he was ordering his Department of Justice to spend time and resources to investigate the plight of “white farmers.”

Think about that. His worldview is in such a place where this claim did not sound dubious and no critical thinking skills were sparked.

Tucker, after seeing advertisers flee and being fact-checked, to this day still continues that debunked “white genocide” conspiracy theory that he plucked from neo-Nazi websites, mentioning it again in June 2019.

These are not hidden code messages of racism, like “state’s rights,” but bullhorn calls to motivate white nationalism.

We’re not racist because of Donald Trump, American has had a racism problem for a long time. We’re not racist because of Fox News, but what Fox News is doing is slowly putting its viewers in lock-step with the KKK and neo-Nazis, by repeating KKK language in increasingly larger doeses it is making white supremacy normal. Making Donald Trump’s white supremacy normal. All for political gain.

You don’t get to spend money and effort to sell racial fears while blocking gun control, than take no responsibility when white nationalists buy into your product then go drive to a heavily Hispanic area and shoot up a Walmart.

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