Trump Ejects Protesters Into the Cold and Takes Their Coats

Trump ejects protesters into the winter in Burlington, Vt and takes their coats.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump directed security to kick out protesters and Bernie Sanders supporters from his Vermont rally and to confiscate their coats.

As protesters shouted “Bernie! Bernie!” during his rally in Burlington, Vt, Trump ordered his security:

Throw them out into the cold. Don’t give them their coats. No coats! Confiscate their coats.

The anti-Trump protesters had planned to infiltrate the Trump rally, but many were thwarted as Trump security screened attendees and ejected those who didn’t declare allegiance to the billionaire.

But about half an hour into the speech some protesters began chanting.

Trump said it was “fun” to have the protesters attend his events and kick them out. Trump then told his security:

It’s about 10 degrees below zero outside. … You can keep his coat; tell him we’ll send it to him in a couple of weeks.

“You know it’s sort of fun. Isn’t this more exciting?” Trump added. “You know, you go to a Hillary thing. It’s like, boring. You go to a Jeb thing and you fall asleep.

“Are there any remnants?” Trump later asked, as another protester shouted out.

“There’s a remnant,” he said, pointing. “Throw him out.”

But as the disruptions continued, Trump’s patience appeared to wear thin. He blamed security guards for not responding more forcefully:

This is why we’re losing control of our country. This is why. We lose control of our country ’cause everybody’s afraid to do anything. They’re afraid to lose their jobs.

(h/t The Hill, NY Daily News)