Trump Thanks Jon Voight For Video, Spells His Name Wrong

Actor Jon Voight made headlines this weekend when he tweeted a video in which he praised President Trump, compared him to Abraham Lincoln, and ripped “the left and their absurd words of destruction,” per The Inquisitr.

President Trump not only retweeted the video, but thanked Voight personally, but spelled the actor’s name wrong in the process.

“Thank you John, so nice!,” the president tweeted. Voight, however, spells his first name “Jon.”

“Don’t be fooled by the political left because we are the people of this nation that is witnessing triumph,” Voight said in the video. “So let us stand with our president, let us stand for this truth that President Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. God bless America.”

Voight, who is 80-years-old, won an Oscar for his performance in director Hal Ashby’s 1979 antiwar film Coming Home, in which he co-starred with Jane Fonda. Voight has been an outspoken conservative at least since the Bush years.

The actor has been comparing Trump to Lincoln going back at least as far as the presidential inauguration in early 2017. Earlier this year, Trump appointed Voight to the Kennedy Center board, per Variety. Among others named by Trump included former Gov. Mike Huckabee and the father of the White House press secretary, Mike Huckabee.

The tweet wasn’t Trump’s only Twitter misspelling of the day. In a strange tweet about North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, he referred to the former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden as “Bidan,” in the process of claiming that the North Korean dictator had called “Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual.” Trump later deleted and reposted the tweet with Biden’s name spelled correctly, although the Voight tweet remained up as of Saturday night.

In addition to his acting work and political statements, Voight is known as the father of actress Angelina Jolie. The two had an estranged relationship for many years, but became closer following her split from Brad Pitt, per E! Online.

As pointed out by many on Twitter, the confusion between Jon Voight and “John Voight” very much recalls the 1994 Seinfeld episode, “The Mom and Pop Store.” In that episode, George Costanza is talked into buying a car that he’s told was formerly owned by Jon Voight. The punchline of the episode is that the car was actually owned by a different John Voight, not the actor but rather a periodontist named Dr. John Voight.

The episode ends with a direct homage to Midnight Cowboy, one of Voight (the actor)’s most famous movies.