‘You’re Fake News’: Trump Blasts CNN’s Jim Acosta for Grilling Him Over Charlottesville Violence

President Donald Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta briefly sparred Monday in the White House.

After the president signed a memo regarding China’s alleged theft of American intellectual property, Acosta asked Trump why he didn’t condemn hate groups over the weekend.

“They’ve been condemned. They have been condemned,” Trump replied.

“And why are we not having a press conference today? You said on Friday we would have a press conference?” Acosta asked.

“We just had a press conference,” Trump said.

“Can we ask you some more questions?” Acosta wondered.

“It doesn’t bother me at all, but you know I like real news, not fake news,” Trump remarked. “You’re fake news.”

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Trump said there was a press conference earlier, there was no press conference.



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