Trump to Turkish Reporter: Are You Friend or Foe?

During a rally on Friday, he provoked anger when he asked a Turkish reporter whether he was friend or foe, days after suspected Islamic State suicide bombers killed 43 people at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

The exchange came as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee rattled off a string of countries with which he believed the US could strike better deals.

A voice in the crowd in Denver called out: “Turkey.”

Mr Trump responded directly, asking: “Are you from Turkey, sir? Good… congratulations.”

He then turned to the audience, saying: “I think he’s friend. Are you friend or foe?”

He then went on to talk about the country’s response to ISIL.

“Turkey, by the way, should be fighting ISIL,” he said. “I hope to see Turkey go out and fight ISIL.”

The crowd cheered his words but they provoked anger among commentators, who pointed out that Turkey was a US ally, has provided bases for war planes attacking ISIL positions, and its own jets have run missions against the jihadist group.

However Turkey is also known to be playing a “double game” by refusing to stop ISIL fighters from crossing their southern border to attack their common enemy, the Kurds.

(h/t Telegraph)


Donald Trump continues to propagate his dangerous “us versus them” mentality.

This is not the first time Trump has asked someone their allegiance at a campaign event. During rallies, when the presumptive GOP nominee hears sounds of a disruption, sometimes Trump will yell out the question to gauge whether the noise is coming from protesters or cheering fans.

If the noise is coming from a “foe” of Donald Trump, he usually follows with “Get them the hell out!”


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