Trump Retweets Megyn Kelly Can’t Contain Bias


Donald Trump retweeted several attacks on Megyn Kelly as a moderator of the Fox News/Google debate a few days before the event on Twitter. This one had the added bonus of the debunked conspiracy theory that a Saudi Prince that Megyn Kelly is friends with owns Fox news.

“@Crusade4Honesty: @BornToBeGOP @megynkelly Megan can not contain her bias, it’s in every show, Fox owners Saudi Prince agnstT”


I’m not going to defend Megyn Kelly too hard here. Crusade4Honesty may have a point.

Trump has had an issue with Kelly since she moderated a Republican presidential debate in August. He accused her of being unfairly harsh on him by asking him valid questions about past sexist and misogynist comments. Fox News is standing by its anchor, calling the attacks on her “sexist verbal assaults.”

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