Trump Gets Love From Most Hated Woman in the UK

Katie Hopkins and Trump

Donald Trump has praised Katie Hopkins, the Ann Coulter of the UK, after she backed his claims that parts of London have become so radicalized people were scared to go there.


Mr Trump received condemnation from the Mayor of London Boris Johnson after he claimed police officers are “afraid for their lives” due to areas of “radicalization” in the capital.
The Metropolitan Police then made a rare intervention, telling the Republican frontrunner he “could not be more wrong”. Despite this, Hopkins, who writes for the Mail Online – the largest English language news website in the world –  claimed in her column “there is fear among the police and the public”. Lauding Mr Trump for “speaking for millions of Americans” she claims Britain is, in part, “a radicalised nation and it does nobody any favours to deny the obvious”.

However the best response came to people who walked around at night and recorded themlselves getting totally not being jihaded.


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