Is Trump Racist?

I think we can all agree that calling someone a racist out of the blue just for having a different political opinion is uncalled for and isn’t something that is good for public discourse.

But what if enough evidence has been compiled to show a pattern of racially charged statements and ignorant claims which the only conclusion can be their views are that the white race is supreme to all others? Couldn’t then we could label someone a racist?

From observing Donald J. Trump​ since before his candidacy when he was a reality show host, to the moment he stepped off the escalator at Trump Tower, to today, we at Stop The Donald Trump​ have catalogued all of his controversial statements. So let’s take a quick look at some actual quotes by Donald Trump:

1. Trump began his campaign calling Mexicans “rapists, murderers, and drug dealers” and as an afterthought, some he assumed were good people.

Trump described people from Mexico as having “lots of problems”, drug users, rapists, and criminals. By painting a large swath of people with a single brush as “dangerous” he is using baseless stereotyping in an attempt to prove that Hispanics are different in their social behavior.

Donald Trump Candidacy Announcement

2. And if you think that was a gaffe or anything innocent, he said Mexicans are rapists while under oath.

He literally put his hand on a Bible, swore to tell the truth on it, and called Mexicans rapists.

Trump, Under Oath, Claimed Mexicans Are Rapists

3. Trump tweeted a racially charged jab at Jeb Bush’s wife.

By earlier characterizing Mexican “illegals” as murderers, criminals, and rapists, he is starting from a basis of racism for his premise.

Donald Trump Tweets Racially Charged Jab at Jeb Bush’s Wife

4. Attacked Jeb Bush for “speaking Mexican”.

Trump is speaking down to other foreign languages, implying the English language and white Anglo-Saxon culture is superior to other languages. That’s straight up the definition of white supremacy.

Trump Tweets Attack on Jeb Bush for ‘Speaking Mexican’

5. Interrupted a student to ask him what his nationality was.

As if to Trump, a person’s race has any weight to the veracity of their argument.

Trump Interrupts Student Asking for His Nationality

6. Tweeted wildly racist and inaccurate stats on black crime.

Trump tweeted a graphic from a non-existent organization trying to prove African-Americans are more violent than Caucasians. What motive could one have to do this other than to say whites are less violent?

Trump Tweets Wildly Racist and Inaccurate Stats

7. When speaking at the Republican Jewish Forum, used Jewish racial stereotypes to describe the audience.

Trump Stereotype Jews At Republican Jewish Forum

8. Blamed Mexicans for rise in Los Angeles crime.

Which was statistically not the case, as there has been a decrease in crime, but he keeps scapegoating brown skinned people for some reason.

Trump Blames Immigrants for Rise in LA Crime

9. Once proposed a race-based season of “The Apprentice.”

Because who else other than a racist wouldn’t want to see who is the superior race?

Trump Once Proposed a Race-Based Season of “The Apprentice”

10. Said a federal judge could not be impartial because of his Mexican heritage.

Even Paul Ryan thought this was a “textbook example of a racist comment”. Paul Ryan.

Trump Attacks ‘Mexican’ Judge in Trump University Lawsuit

11. Said a federal judge could not be impartial if they were a Muslim. Again, super racist.

Trump: ‘It’s Possible’ a Muslim Judge May Not Be Able To Fairly Evaluate a Case Against Me

12. Called out to “My African-American over here” during a rally.

Which on Jeopardy would be the answer to the question “Things slave owners would say.”

Trump Calls Out “My African-American Over Here”

13. In an interview with “Face the Nation” said that the police needs to start racial profiling.

Racially profiling is a proven ineffective policing method that only makes sense if you hold the ignorant belief that minorities are more prone to violence and crime.

Trump: U.S. Must “Start Thinking About” Racial Profiling

14. In an appeal to African-American voters, portrayed them all living in poverty.

As if all African-Americans live in a monolithic society.

Trump Faces New Backlash Over Pitch to Black Voters

15. Said black communities are the worst off they’ve ever been, forgetting slavery and Jim Crow.

Trump Says Black Communities Worst Off Ever, Forgets Slavery

16. Stood by his false and debunked claim that the “Central Park 5” are guilty.

Despite DNA evidence clearing them decades ago, Donald Trump still held onto his belief that the group known as the “Central Park 5” were still guilty, something acknowledge at the time was racially charged.

Trump Stands By Racist Claim That Exonerated ‘Central Park 5’ Are Guilty

17. Answered a question at a town hall on Islamophobia with Islamophobia.

Trump’s Town Hall Question on Islamophobia Was Shockingly Islamophobic

18. Claimed the UK is hiding a “Muslim problem.”

Donald Trump Tweets the UK is Hiding a Muslim Problem

19. Pushed a loony conspiracy theory that global Jewish bankers are conspiring against him.

The only place this exact conspiracy theory gets discussed is on white supremacist sites.

Trump Claims Global Jewish Bankers are Conspiring Against Him

20. Called African-American neighborhoods “ghettos” with “so many horrible problems.

Again as if all black people only live in ghettos.

Trump Calls African-American Neighborhoods ‘Ghettos’ With ‘So Many Horrible Problems’

21. Stops a rally to point to an African-American attendee who was actually a supporter of his, yelled that he was a “thug” and threw him out of the rally.

As many in the African-America community point out, “thug” is the new “n-word”.

Trump Calls Black Supporter ‘Thug,’ Throws Him Out Of Rally

22. Said that many immigrants are “animals” who “slice and dice young, beautiful girls.”

Trump: Many Immigrants are ‘Animals’ Who ‘Slice and Dice Young, Beautiful Girls’

23. Retweeted WhiteGenocideTM Twitter account who was a white supremacist

Trump Retweets Racist ‘White Genocide’ Twitter Account

24. Retweeted WhiteGenocideTM Twitter account again after being informed he was a white supremacist… and he still did it.

Donald Trump Retweets ‘WhiteGenocideTM’ Account—Again

25. Sided with Nazis and white nationalists by praising “beautiful Confederate statues.”

Trump sides with white nationalists and praises ‘beautiful’ Confederate statues

26. Failed to disavow KKK grand wizard David Duke.

For three whole days, Donald Trump told multiple interviewers that he didn’t know who he was, despite being leaders of the Reform Party together back in 2000.

Trump Fails To Condemn KKK On Television

27. Mocked Asians with an “Engrish” accent.

Donald Trump Mocks Asians With Broken-English Accent

28. Called for a “complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”.

Donald Trump Calls for ‘Total and Complete Shutdown of Muslims Entering the United States’

29. Refereed to black protesters as “not people.”

Trump Calls Black Protesters “Not People”

30. Thanked supporters who beat up a Latino man and defended them as “passionate”

Trump Calls Supporters Who Beat Latino Man “Passionate”

31. Said he keeps a book written by Adolph Hitler in a cabinet by his bed.

Trump Keeps Hitler Book in a Cabinet by His Bed

32. Reteweeted the white supremacist known for the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory.

Trump Retweets Alt-Right Troll Behind ‘Pizzagate’ Following Charlottesville Rally

33. Took three whole days to condemn violence at a Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

In doing so he blamed the protesters who were injured and killed by a Nazi driving his car through a crowd equally to the Nazi who was driving the car.

Trump – Once Again – Fails to Condemn White Supremacists

34. Had an angry phone call with the Prime Minister of Australia for being legally obligated to accept refugees, saying “I hate taking these people”.

Trump to Australian PM: ‘You Are Worse Than I Am’

35. White House Advisor Sebastian Gorka went on national television and said white supremacists are not the problem.

White House Adviser Says People Should Stop Criticizing White Supremacists So Much

36. During a devastating hurricane recovery, lamented that Puerto Ricans were lazy and wanted everything done for them.

Trump slams Puerto Ricans: ‘They want everything to be done for them’

37. Defended Nazis as “very fine people.”

They were not.

Trump Defends White-Nationalist Protesters: ‘Some Very Fine People on Both Sides’

38. After a devastating hurricane, labeled Puerto Ricans as lazy

Trump slams Puerto Ricans: ‘They want everything to be done for them’

39. Contrasted Puerto Rico death toll to ‘a real catastrophe like Katrina’

Telling Puerto Rican officials they should be “very proud” that hundreds of people haven’t died after Hurricane Maria as they did in “a real catastrophe like Katrina.”

Trump contrasts Puerto Rico death toll to ‘a real catastrophe like Katrina’

40. Fueled hate crime with a tweet erroneously linking a rise in the UK crime rate to “radical Islamic terror”.

Anger over Donald Trump’s UK crime tweet

41. Stereotyped Japan as a “country of samurai warriors”

Trump Wonders Why Japan, ‘A Country Of Samurai Warriors,’ Didn’t Shoot Down Missiles

42. At a Navajo veterans’ event, made a racist ‘Pocahontas’ crack on Senator Elizabeth Warren

At a Navajo veterans’ event, Trump makes racist ‘Pocahontas’ crack

43. Said people coming from Haiti “all have AIDS” and Nigerians all “live in huts.”

Trump said Haitian immigrants ‘all have AIDS’

44. Said Latinos and Africans come from “shithole” countries.

Then said we should allow more Europeans, like those from Norway.

Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as ‘shithole’ nations

Trump’s Racist Actions

Words are one thing, but then there are actions. Let’s take a look at a few of those:

1. Ran on a campaign to build a wall with Mexico because of drugs flowing into the United States.

While drugs are coming in to the country at about the same rate from Canada there is no mention of a northern border wall. Why is that? Hint: One is brown and the other is white. (Well actually Scott Walker said we should have a Canadian border wall… and was promptly laughed at by Trump and the rest of the Republicans.)

Immigration Reform

2. Attempted to ban people based on their religion alone.

Trump Signs Muslim Ban Order Limiting Refugee Entry

3. Rolled back civil rights protection efforts across the federal government.

Trump Administration Quietly Rolls Back Civil Rights Efforts Across Federal Government

4. Hired known white supremacists in his administration
  • Steve Bannon who was the head of the white supremacist Breitbart website, where he turned it into a white supremacist platform, has sections dedicated to
    “black crime” but no other ethnicity, and frequently engages in racist and anti-semetic attacks.
  • Sebastain Gorka who is a member of a Nazi-linked group in Turkey, Vitézi Rend, even wearing their uniform to Trump’s inauguration.
  • Jeff Sessions, once said the KKK was okay until he learned they smoke marijuana.
  • Russell Vought, who fashions himself an anti-Muslim crusader.
  • Stephen Miller, who recently told a Univision reporter to “go back to your country.”
5. Hired three known white supremacists to represent him at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland
  • Lori Gayne, whose Twitter handle is “whitepride”
  • William Johnson, a white separatists and chairman of the American Freedom Party
  • Guy St Onge, an anti-Muslim pastor and YouTube star among white supremacists
6. Dropped their opposition to Texas’ voter ID laws.

Which multiple federal judges have found discriminates against black and Latino Americans.

Trump’s DOJ Dropping Opposition to Texas’ Racist Voter ID Law

7. Pardoned his friend Joe Arpiao

Arpiao was convicted by multiple federal judges for violating the Constitution’s 4th Amendment by targeting dark-skinned people, even after the Department of Justice called him found him to be the worst civil-rights abuser in modern times and legally demanded he stopped his practices. By Trump pardoning Arpiao he is signaling that the will protect his friends (corruption) and violating the constitutional rights of non-whites is an acceptable practice (racist).

Trump Pardons His Friend Sheriff Joe Arpaio

8. Had a study proving the positive impact of refugees buried.

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees

9. Slashed legal immigration in half.

Donald Trump Goes All In On Slashing Legal Immigration


These are only a small subset of examples and we could go over dozens more, but can you see a pattern?

I think with this evidence we have more than enough examples where we can safely say Donald Trump holds racist views.

And if someone you know can’t see why these statements and actions are racist, agrees with them, or think they don’t go far enough, well, maybe you should start looking at their pattern of behavior too.