Trump Keeps Hitler Book in a Cabinet by His Bed

According to a 1990 Vanity Fair interview, Ivana Trump once told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that her husband, real-estate mogul Donald Trump, now a leading Republican presidential candidate, kept a book of Hitler’s speeches near his bed.

“Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed … Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist,” Marie Brenner wrote.

When Brenner asked Trump about how he came to possess Hitler’s speeches, “Trump hesitated” and then said, “Who told you that?”

“I don’t remember,” Brenner reportedly replied.

Trump then recalled, “Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of ‘Mein Kampf,’ and he’s a Jew.”

Brenner added that Davis did acknowledge that he gave Trump a book about Hitler.

“But it was ‘My New Order,’ Hitler’s speeches, not ‘Mein Kampf,'” Davis reportedly said. “I thought he would find it interesting. I am his friend, but I’m not Jewish.”

After Trump and Brenner changed topics, Trump returned to the subject and reportedly said, “If, I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them.”


Trump confirmed he owned the book but denies ever reading it. Until evidence is presented that proves he read the book or takes cues from it then this is as far as the story goes.

However let me just add this. There should only be 2 valid reasons why you should own a copy of Hitler’s “My New Order”:

  1. You are studying 1930’s Germany.
  2. You are a neo-Nazi.

This is purely hypothetical, but if my good friend gave me a copy of a book authored by Hitler, I would not keep it easily accessible in cabinet next to my bed. Instead I would put it in the trash or at least in a box in the attic should the occasion arise that my friend asks me if I still have the book, to which I can go to the attic, pull out the book, show it to my friend, tell him that it sucks, and ask him why is he still my friend?


Donald Trump Mocks Asians With Broken-English Accent

Trump first draws a link between Asians and theft then mocks Asian negotiators with racist broken-english impression at a rally in Iowa.

When these people walk in the room, they don’t say, ‘Oh, hello! How’s the weather? It’s so beautiful outside. Isn’t it lovely? How are the Yankees doing? Oh they’re doing wonderful. Great. They say, ‘We want deal!’



Trump Vows to Never Eat Oreo Cookies Again

Trump versus oreo cookies

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump confirmed on Tuesday that he will stop eating Oreos, a decision he came to after Nabisco parent company Mondelez International, announced last month that it’s replacing production lines in Chicago with new ones at a plant in Salinas, Mexico.

“I’m never eating Oreos again,” Trump said on Tuesday, reaffirming statements he first made last week at a rally in Alabama, where he said, “Mexico is the new China . . . I love Oreos. I will never eat them again. Nabisco closes the plant in Chicago and they are moving the plant to Mexico.”


Mondelez is not closing the Chicago plant, but it is cutting 600 jobs there as a result of the new investment in Mexico, the Associated Press reports. A spokesperson for Mondelez told the Associated Press that the company’s new investment of $130 million in Mexico is an effort to save production costs, as the new lines in Mexico will cost $46 million less per year than those in Chicago. Only two of the four new lines will make Oreo cookies.

Jobs moving out of the United States has been one of Trump’s signature positions and has struck a cord with his supporters. The irony is not lost that voters believe that a billionaire businessman would save them from billionaire businessmen.



Trump Tosses Out Univision Journalist

Trump tosses out Jorge Ramos

Questions from Univision reporter Jorge Ramos became heated with Trump on his positions on birthright citizenship and a wall with Mexico. After Ramos continued to ask questions Trump command he “Sit down” and “Go back to Univision” then motioned to bodyguards to escort the well-respected reporter out of the conference.



Trump Blasts Jeb for Not Blaming the Correct Race

After Jeb Bush commented in the August Republican debate about Chinese birth tourists, which angered many in the Asian community, Donal Trump comes to their defense by insulting Mexicans with his tweet, “Asians are very offended that JEB said that anchor babies applies to them as a way to be more politically correct to hispanics. A mess!”


There is a very real phenomenon of parents from Asian countries coming to the United States while they are expecting a baby with the intent of securing American citizenship for their offspring.

But there are no reliable statistics on how widespread the “maternity tourism” trend is and which foreign nationals participate most in the phenomenon in the United States.

No matter how you look at maternity tourism, the impact on local, state, and federal  this is so small of an issue the only logical motivation is racism.


Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again

In his first policy paper, Trump laid out a highly racist and nationalist immigration reform based on faulty data and promoted crimes against humanity all while failing the mention of its high cost to taxpayers.

For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well as in other Latin American countries)

The paper goes on to explain the core issues of Donald Trump’s reforms:

  1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.
  2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.
  3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.


Allow me to break down each core issue and explain the problem. As we read these we first need a dose of reality for context. If at any time you start leaning towards Trump’s side just remember a few things:

  1. Mexican immigration net zero. Meaning more Mexicans are leaving the US and moving back to Mexico than the Mexicans coming in. Illegal immigration is not as big of a problem as you think it is.
  2. Undocumented immigrants commit far less crime than the rest of the population. In general the people who are living in the country illegally don’t want any contact with law enforcement.
  3. The Obama recovery worked, the economy is strong, unemployment is at record lows, S&P 500 is up. While wage growth has been stagnant, it’s not like billionaire business owners couldn’t have done something about that.
A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

Let’s play a game of logic. Drugs are coming across the southern border so Trump wants to build a wall with Mexico and is cheered for it by Republicans. Drugs are coming across the northern border and Governor Scott Walker makes the suggestion that we should also build a wall with Canada and is laughed at and called crazy by Republicans. How could this be that Republicans see 1 problem happening in 2 different places and have vastly different ideas? Logically if this was really about drugs then they would have jumped at the idea of a northern border wall. The only logical conclusion then is race, Canadians in general look and talk like Americans, Mexicans are brown and have a different word for everything. Therefore this idea has its roots in racism.

A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

This is really vague and kind of a “no duh” comment. But what Trump is talking about here is rounding up every illegal immigrant and returning them to their place of origin, nationwide e-verify, ending birthright citizenship, defunding sanctuary cities, increasing the number of ICE officers, and more.

Mass deportations would involve rounding up every undocumented person and forcibly removing them from the country. What Trump is advocating here already has a name, it’s called “ethnic cleansing” and it is not seen as a positive and moral thing. What Trump also fails to mention is the cost. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told lawmakers that it costs about $12,500 to deport one immigrant from the United States. Multiply that by 11.3 million, and you get $141.3 billion. Not great for the deficit and smaller government.

Tripling the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers would cost $8.4 billion per year, again not great for the deficit and smaller government. What Trump also neglects is that President Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any of his predecessors. So vote Democrat.

Nationwide E-Verify system, while the least controversial of his reforms, would still cost taxpayers $2.15 billion, again not great for the deficit and smaller government.

All-in-all Trumps plan would be a giant middle finger to freedom and morality and cost the taxpayers over $160 billion, again not great for the deficit and smaller government, but great for people who hate Mexicans.

A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

Want to improve jobs? Vote Democrat. Under President Obama, unemployment is at a 20 year low and is below natural unemployment rate, meaning we are at total employment.

Want to improve wages? Don’t vote for Trump. He believes we must keep wages low in order to compete with other countries.

Want to secure America? Well Republicans don’t have the best track record.


Trump Reignites Megyn Kelly Feud With ‘Bimbo’ Tweet


Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly returned Monday night to host “The Kelly File” following a 10-day vacation, but her extended R&R seemed to have no relaxing effect on her loudest critic: Donald Trump.

In a series of late-night tweets, Trump accused Kelly of being “off her game,” and suggested she “must have had a terrible vacation” because she was “afraid to confront” her guest, Cornel West, on the subject of immigration.

Trump followed up his tweets with a couple of retweets from supporters who called Kelly a “bimbo” and her show “a waste of an hour on Fox.”

The Republican front-runner’s feud with Kelly — sparked in the aftermath of the first GOP debate, which Kelly co-moderated — reached a crescendo shortly before her temporary leave of absence, when Trump made a comment appearing to reference menstruation as a reason for a line of questioning he believed was unfair.

Retweeting comments like these are sexist, disgusting, and well below the office Trump is seeking.

(h/t The Hill)


Megyn Kelly is many things, “journalist”, political hack, cover-girl, but as critical we are of her a bimbo she is not. As a lawyer she’s argued cases in front of the United States Court of Appeals, wrote articles for the American Bar Association‘s journal, and (when convenient for her) knows her way around the Constitution.


Trump Tweets Attack on Jeb Bush for ‘Speaking Mexican’


Donald Trump attacked Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Twitter by quoting a fan taking issue with the fact that Bush “speaks Mexican.”


First off, people don’t speak “Mexican”, they speak Spanish.

Second, the purely racist trope “you’re in America speak English” has been so overplayed by Republicans. Forget the fact that the United States has no official language, there is no requirement outside of lawyers to speak English. The reason why it is racist is because it makes an assumption that one language and culture is superior to another.

Finally, most of you can’t speak English yourselves so how can you push it on someone else?


Trump Calls Supporters Who Beat Latino Man “Passionate”

“Donald Trump was right,” the two men said, according to police, as they beat the man with a metal pipe and then urinated on him. “All these illegals need to be deported.”

When asked at a press conference earlier this week, Trump said that while he hadn’t heard about the Boston incident, it would “be a shame.” But he didn’t stop there, as he quickly went to applaud those who echo his views.

“I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate,” Trump said. “They love this country, they want this country to be great again.”

Trump later tweeted that the incident was “terrible” and in subsequent interviews claimed he “would never condone violence.”


Trump would never condoned violence?

This is just a few examples. We have an entire list.


Note: Personally I don’t quite care for The Young Turks program, they’re so partisan, but it is the only video I could find with the quote from Trump.


Trump: Birthright Babies Not Citizens

Donald Trump said that he doesn’t think people born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants are American citizens.

The Republican presidential front-runner said in an interview on Fox News:

“I don’t think they have American citizenship and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers — and I know some will disagree — but many of them agree with me and you’re going to find they do not have American citizenship. We have to start a process where we take back our country. Our country is going to hell.”

Trump added he would “test it out” in the courts.

Trump has called for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants living in the United States — allowing the “good ones” to return through an expedited legal process.

“What happens is they’re in Mexico, they’re going to have a baby, they move over here for a couple of days, they have the baby — (the lawyers are) saying it’s not going to hold up in court,” Trump said.

Trump announced in his immigration policy proposal that he wants to end birthright citizenship — preventing future undocumented immigrants from giving birth to an American citizen simply by virtue of being born on U.S. soil.

(h/t CNN)


Most legal scholars will say birthright citizenship is a constitutional right from the 14th Amendment which says:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.”

Other Republican presidential candidates have joined Trump’s call for ending birthright citizenship, suggested birthright citizenship could be ended by simply passing a law through Congress that defines the clause “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

However Trump so far has taken the extra step of suggesting doing so retroactively and stripping certain Americans of their citizenship.


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