Trump Supporter Puts Protester in a Headlock and Tries to Drag Him Away

Trump rally in Tulsa becomes violent

A new video shows Donald Trump supporters assaulting protesters who were engaged in a peaceful demonstration.

The 1:44 minute clip was captured during a Trump rally at Oral Roberts University’s Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sarah Palin, who endorsed him earlier this week, joined the multi-billionaire at the rally yesterday.

At the beginning of the clip—which was recorded as the Republican frontrunner was wrapping up his remarks—four Trump supporters block the view of two protesters. One of the men then shoves the two protesters. A volley of words ensued between the two groups, while other rally goers can be heard yelling at the protesters, “Get out!”

At the 50 second mark a big, burly man wearing a cowboy hat puts one of the protesters in a headlock from behind and attempts to drag him away.  As Trump is boasting, “We’re going to win so much. . . you people are going to get sick and tired of winning”, security arrives, breaks up the melee, and presumably escorts the protesters out.


Violence at Trump rallies by supporters is the norm.



Trump Ask If Barking Dog In Audience Is Hillary

An audience member at a Donald Trump rally on Monday jokingly compared the sound of a barking dog to Hillary Clinton — and Trump played along.

TRUMP: What was that — was that a dog?

 SUPPORTER: Hillary!


TRUMP: Uh oh, It’s Hillary!


TRUMP: Ahhh. Only in New Hampshire. First it was a screechy dog, then it was a very serious dog. Anyway, that’s alright. Take good care of your dog.



Two Corinthians, That’s the Whole Ballgame

Speaking at the evangelical college Liberty University, Trump mispronounced a book of the Bible. He cursed — twice. And on Martin Luther King Day, the GOP presidential candidate said he was honoring the slain civil-rights leader by dedicating to him the record crowds he says he drew for the school’s opening convocation where the students are required to attend.

“Two Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame. … Is that the one you like?” Trump asked. “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”





Trump Ejects New York Times Journalist

New York Times journalist Trip Gabriel was ejected from a Donal Trump event.

I was late to Donald J. Trump’s unannounced visit to a Pizza Ranch on Friday, his first drop-by of this ubiquitous Iowa chain that is standard stop for candidates, but which Mr. Trump has avoided in favor of boisterous crowds in big halls.

I opened my briefcase and extended my arms for a Secret Service screening, then entered the restaurant crowded with Trump supporters in campaign T-shirts. There was a knot of TV cameras and still photographers, who had been bused to the location.  Mr. Trump was already speaking in a back room.

Barely a minute later, I was ejected from the restaurant by a Trump staff member and a local police officer.

“It’s a private event, you have to go,’’ the officer said, even though the 20 or so other journalists continued to cover the event.

A Trump campaign aide walking beside the officer said I was being excluded on orders from “Chuck and Stephanie,’’ an apparent reference to Mr. Trump’s Iowa state director, Chuck Laudner, and his wife, Stephanie, also a staff member.

In a text message later, Mr. Laudner said, “I didn’t even know you were there.’’


Trump Ejects Heckler For Calling Him Boring

Heckler tells Trump he is boring

Donald Trump had his security forcibly remove a heckler from a rally on Monday for calling the GOP presidential front-runner “boring.”

“This is boring! This is boring!” the unidentified man yelled during the event in Windham, N.H. “Tell some jokes.”

Trump then smiled at his disrupter before calling for his ejection once it became clear the man would not stay silent.

“Get him out of here,” he said. “Get out of here, go ahead. Out, out, out, out, get out.”

“He wants jokes, [but] there’s nothing funny about this,” Trump continued. “This is so serious. He’s got a very serious problem. I saw that when I came in. He says, he loves me, ‘I love you, you’re the greatest’ — no. Get him out of here.”

The heckler repeatedly swore he is a Trump supporter as security escorted him from the rally, CNN reported Monday.

“I love Donald, but it’s getting a little boring,” said the man said, who wore a hat with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. “It’s getting a little boring.”





Trump on North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un: ‘You Gotta Give Him Credit’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump appeared to praise North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying at a rally Saturday that “it’s incredible” how he was able to dispatch his political opponents.

Trump called Jong-Un a “maniac” during remarks about North Korea’s nuclear program during a rally at Ottumwa, Iowa, but conceded, “You gotta give him credit.”

“How many young guys — he was like 26 or 25 when his father died — take over these tough generals, and all of a sudden … he goes in, he takes over, and he’s the boss,” Trump said. “It’s incredible. He wiped out the uncle, he wiped out this one, that one. I mean this guy doesn’t play games. And we can’t play games with him.”

Last week North Korea announced it had successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb after an earthquake was detected near previous test sites, though the White House quickly disputed the claim. North Korea released an image of Jong-un personally authorizing the test.

The next morning Trump said that North Korea was under the “total control” of China.

Yesterday’s remarks were not the first time Trump has been complimentary of an antagonist of the U.S. The real estate mogul has previously drawn criticism for accepting praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling it a “great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond.”

(h/t ABC News)


This isn’t the first time Donald Trump praised authoritarian leaders while calling the democratically elected officials in Congress and the White House “weak.”

  • After receiving praise from Vladimir Putin, Trump showed lots of love for the authoritarian Russian President in return saying he’ll get along fine with him.
  • In the midst of a brutal civil war where authoritarian Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, Trump was kind enough to give Bashar a grade of ‘A’ for leadership.
  • During the CNN-Telemundo Republican candidates’ debate in February that while Gaddafi was “really bad,” his tactics were effective and we would be so much better off if Gaddafi were in charge.
  • And Trump has a history of praising Saddam Hussein in interviews and at rallies.

Gadhafi, Hussein, Bashar, Un, and Putin all have committed atrocities against their own people and were among the world’s worst human rights abusers.


Trump Ejects Muslim Couple In Silent Protest

Silent protest by Muslim couple at Trump rally

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab was escorted out of Donald Trump’s campaign event on Friday by police after she stood up in silent protest during Trump’s speech.

Rose Hamid, a 56-year-old flight attendant sitting in the stands directly behind Trump, stood up Friday during Trump’s speech when the Republican front-runner suggested that Syrian refugees fleeing war in Syria were affiliated with ISIS.

Trump has previously called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

Despite her silence, Trump supporters around her began chanting Trump’s name — as instructed by Trump campaign staff before the event in case of protests — and pointed at Hamid and Marty Rosenbluth, the man alongside her who stood up as well.

As they were escorted out, Trump supporters roared — booing the pair and shouting at them to “get out.” One person shouted, “You have a bomb, you have a bomb,” according to Hamid.

“The ugliness really came out fast and that’s really scary,” Hamid told CNN in a phone interview after she was ejected.

(h/t CNN)


That was one of the most bravest things I have ever seen. You cannot disagree that, even though it was a silent and peaceful protest, as a Muslim woman in that environment comes with a large amount of risk.


Trump Ejects Protesters Into the Cold and Takes Their Coats

Trump ejects protesters into the winter in Burlington, Vt and takes their coats.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump directed security to kick out protesters and Bernie Sanders supporters from his Vermont rally and to confiscate their coats.

As protesters shouted “Bernie! Bernie!” during his rally in Burlington, Vt, Trump ordered his security:

Throw them out into the cold. Don’t give them their coats. No coats! Confiscate their coats.

The anti-Trump protesters had planned to infiltrate the Trump rally, but many were thwarted as Trump security screened attendees and ejected those who didn’t declare allegiance to the billionaire.

But about half an hour into the speech some protesters began chanting.

Trump said it was “fun” to have the protesters attend his events and kick them out. Trump then told his security:

It’s about 10 degrees below zero outside. … You can keep his coat; tell him we’ll send it to him in a couple of weeks.

“You know it’s sort of fun. Isn’t this more exciting?” Trump added. “You know, you go to a Hillary thing. It’s like, boring. You go to a Jeb thing and you fall asleep.

“Are there any remnants?” Trump later asked, as another protester shouted out.

“There’s a remnant,” he said, pointing. “Throw him out.”

But as the disruptions continued, Trump’s patience appeared to wear thin. He blamed security guards for not responding more forcefully:

This is why we’re losing control of our country. This is why. We lose control of our country ’cause everybody’s afraid to do anything. They’re afraid to lose their jobs.

(h/t The Hill, NY Daily News)


Trump says Cruz’s Canadian birth could be ‘very precarious’ for GOP

Trump again raised his crazy ‘birther’ flag when speaking to the Washington Post about Ted Cruz’s eligibility for the presidency.

“Republicans are going to have to ask themselves the question: ‘Do we want a candidate who could be tied up in court for two years?’ That’d be a big problem,” Trump said when asked about the topic. “It’d be a very precarious one for Republicans because he’d be running and the courts may take a long time to make a decision. You don’t want to be running and have that kind of thing over your head.”


The Constitution says the candidate must be 35 years of age and a resident of the United States for 14 years. The third qualification: He or she must be a “natural born citizen.”

The Congressional Research Service, the agency tasked with providing authoritative research to all members of Congress, published a report after the 2008 election supporting the thinking that “natural born” citizenship means citizenship held “at birth.”

Ted Cruz is eligible to be President of the United States of America.


Trump States Hillary Got Schlonged by Obama in 2008

Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton in vulgar terms Monday night, saying that her bathroom break during the last Democratic debate was just too “disgusting” to talk about and then stating she “got schlonged” by Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential race.

Even a race to Obama, she was gonna beat Obama. I don’t know who would be worse, I don’t know, how could it be worse? But she was going to beat — she was favored to win — and she got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost.

When confronted by a backlash, The Donald doubled-down and mansplained how suggesting Clinton got fucked is not vulgar.


Schlonged means penis in Yiddish.


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