Trump Fires Back at Meryl Streep Over Her Comments at Golden Globes

Donald Trump fired back at actress Meryl Streep on Twitter over her comments about him at the Golden Globes Sunday night, referring to her as “over-rated” and a “Hillary flunky” and complaining that, although she doesn’t know him, she attacked him.

Mr. Trump said much the same thing to the Times on Monday, adding, “And remember, Meryl Streep introduced Hillary Clinton at her convention (the Democratic National Convention), and a lot of these people supported Hillary.”

Streep, who was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award at Sunday night’s ceremony, took the president-elect to task during her acceptance speech over his remarks during the presidential campaign about a disabled New York Times reporter.

The actress called it “the one performance this year that stunned me sank its hooks into my heart.”

“It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I can’t get it out of my head, because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life,” Streep said. “And this instinct — to humiliate — when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing.”

During the campaign, Mr. Trump had criticized Kovaleski for backing away from a 2001 story that suggested Arab-Americans in Jersey City may have celebrated the 9/11 the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.  Mr. Trump hunched his shoulders and moved his arms in apparent imitation of the reporter, saying “the poor guy. You ought to see this guy. ‘Oh, I don’t know what I said! Ah, I don’t remember”’

Mr. Trump has denied repeatedly that he was mocking Kovaleski for his disability.

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Trump Jokes About Congressman’s Disability

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid chastised Donald Trump on Friday for joking about an accident that blinded Reid in one eye.

“Donald Trump can make fun of the injury that crushed the side of my face and took the sight in my right eye all he wants — I’ve dealt with tougher opponents than him,” Reid said in response to Trump’s “toxic comments.”

Reid, D-Nev., a fierce critic of Trump’s, was referring to remarks that the Republican presidential nominee made in an interview with The Washington Post that was posted online Thursday night.

The Post reporter told Trump that Reid had said that Trump is “not slim and trim.”

“Harry Reid? I think he should go back and start working out again with his rubber work-out pieces,” Trump was quoted as saying.

Reid was exercising with a rubber resistance band in his bathroom on New Year’s Day 2015 when the band reportedly broke or slipped from his hands, causing him to spin around and strike his face on a cabinet. Reid lost vision in his right eye and suffered a concussion, broken orbital bones, and a broken rib.

“I may not be able to see out of my right eye, but with my good eye, I can see that Trump is a man who inherited his money and spent his entire life pretending like he earned it,” Reid said. “In Searchlight (Nevada), we learned a thing or two about hard work that Trump may not have learned at his boarding school.”

Trump made his remarks the same day that Reid took to the Senate floor to blast Trump as “a spoiled brat” and “a human leech who will bleed the country.”

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This is not the first time Trump has mocked someone’s disability. Back in November 2015, Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s muscular disorder by saying, “You should see the guy!” then waved his hands to mimic Kovaleski’s disability.

Donald Trump Mocks Reporter With Disability

Trump mocks reporter's disability

The New York Times is angry that Donald Trump appeared to mock one of its reporters who has a physical disability, but the candidate denied Thursday that he was mimicking the reporter.

In a statement Trump said:

I have no idea who this reporter, Serge Kovalski (sic) is, what he looks like or his level of intelligence

After confronted with backlash, Trump backtracked and in his speech at a rally:

I merely mimicked what I thought would be a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago. If Mr. Kovaleski is handicapped, I would not know because I do not know what he looks like. If I did know, I would definitely not say anything about his appearance.

In an article The New York Times then pointed out that Serge Kovaleski covered Donald Trump extensively for many years, rebuking Trump’s claim that he does not know him. Trump responded with even more insults:

Serge Kovaleski must think a lot of himself if he thinks I remember him from decades ago — if I ever met him at all, which I doubt I did.

“He should stop using his disability to grandstand and get back to reporting for a newspaper that is rapidly going down the tubes.

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Trump claims he has the world’s greatest memory, but now he claims he doesn’t know a man who covered and interviews him for The New York Daily News for ten years.



Serge Kovaleski and Donald Trump

Trump mocks Serge Kovaleski

By stating, “You should see the guy”, then making hand and arm motions to imitate him Trump obviously knows who Kovaleski is, as Trump was Kovaleski beat for many years. To debate otherwise requires a burden of proof.  Trump said things about Kovaleski’s appearance and clearly mocked a reporter with disabilities.