Trump Tells Hannity He’ll Campaign for GOP ‘6 or 7 Days’ a Week Ahead of Midterms

President Donald Trump reportedly told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he plans to campaign “six or seven days a week” for Republicans ahead of the all-important midterms.

Trump said this to Hannity on the Fox personality’s radio show, according to Politico who flagged the quote: “I am going to work very hard, I will go six or seven days a week when we’re 60 days out and I will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a difficult race and we think we’re going to bring them over the line.”

Yet, in another case of there is a tweet for every Trump claim, here is Trump kvetching Barack Obama was busy campaigning when he should have been doing more presidential things, like dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

Candidate Trump also complained about Obama using Air Force One to campaign for Hillary Clinton, claiming “taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of Air Force One on the campaign trail.”


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