Protesters Try to Block Access to Trump Rally in Arizona

Traffic blocked to Trump rally by protesters in Arizona

Protesters in Arizona briefly blocked access to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally Saturday morning in Arizona, kicking off a full day of campaign events in the border state, which holds key primaries Tuesday.

The protesters blocked a highway leading to Trump’s outdoor rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona, near Scottsdale, before sheriff’s deputies removed them and towed their vehicles.

Maricopa County Sheriff Deputy Joaquin Enriquez said officers would ask the protesters to move and if they didn’t comply, they would forcibly remove them.

Three protesters tied themselves to their cars to delay getting towed. They were arrested after officers cut them loose, and two vehicles were towed, Enriquez told NBC News.

Protesters told NBC News that having their vehicles towed was part of the plan designed to disrupt traffic.

One protester said he was willing to risk getting arrested if it meant keeping Trump out of Arizona.

“If Donald Trump continues and becomes president and his rhetoric continues, more of our families will be hurt,” he said.



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