Trump’s ISIS Foreign Policy Isn’t All That Great

Chuck Todd

Donald Trump on MSNBC’s Meet the Press answered questions about his foreign policy.

Well, I want to take away their wealth. And, as you know, for years I’ve been saying, “Don’t go into Iraq.” They went into Iraq. They destabilized the Middle East. It was a big mistake. Okay, now we’re there. And you have ISIS. And I said this was going to happen. I said, “Iran will take over Iraq,” which is happening as sure as you’re sitting there. And ISIS is taking over a lot of the oil and certain areas of Iraq. And I said you take away their wealth, that you go and knock the hell out of the oil, take back the oil. We take over the oil, which we should have done in the first place.


Dumbing a complex situation like ISIS down into a simple catchphrase may play well to a riled up crowd, but we will never know how effective it will be until Trump becomes President and can take action. Except the military already analyzed his plan and found it to be just plain bad. Whoops!


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